Fortunately, the discomfort of the first day of rubber bands only lasted a day. PHEW!

So they put a steel archwire on the bottom — which I guess can be manipulated for fine-tuned movement. But don’t think anything was done this time.

The little hooks on the top and bottom were added (because they’re not built into the Damon brackets?) Not sure why one of the ones on the bottom has a yellow dot. How does it feel wearing the rubber bands?


  • Talking is a little difficult, and feel a bit “claustrophobic” at time when I can’t open my mouth all the way. But it’s easy enough to take the bands off if you need a breather.
  • It sure is easy to forget to put on a new pair after I eat. I need to pay attention to this because I want to ensure as short a rubber band period as possible.
  • It’s only been a few days and I can put on the bands without looking in a mirror. Just need to remember to carry them around.
  • Slight irritation from the hooks; I imagine this will end shortly.

Come in this cute plastic bag. Material: natural rubber latex. Wonder how healthy and sustainable these are? I’ll have to investigate. Also wonder if there are different size bands; perhaps the bigger ones have an elephant on them.

chipmunk bands