• Eating: much easier, but I’m longing to crunch
  • Teeth pain: none that’s noticeable
  • Smile: metallic!
  • Inside mouth comfort: much improved, read below

I’ve been surprised by how many adults I know who have had braces. One friend told me that because of where he was living, it was difficult to get regular care, so he resorted to adjusting his braces with his leatherman tool. Yikes.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to resort to that last week when I diagnosed the source of major irritation inside my mouth. One of the bracket doors was still open. All I had to do was pop it closed with my finger and voila! Ahh, relief!

Doors? I have Damon braces, which have little doors on the brackets. Pop the arch wire in, and slide the doors up. Done. None of that cranking-the-wires that I blocked from my memories of wearing braces as a teen. This system (passive self-ligating braces) is supposed to allow for faster movement with less discomfort. At the least, I was able to alleviate some discomfort by just sliding that door up. Hooray!