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At various times during my braces journey, I’ve daydreamed about eating:

chewy things

  • dried dates
  • raisins
  • gum (especially when I ate garlicky food)

crispy things

  • pizza
  • rice crackers
  • bread with a nice cruchy crust
  • biscotti
  • granola
  • lots of things that I’ve had to mush down but are actually meant to be eaten crispy, like crackers


  • walnuts
  • pecans
  • almonds

corn on the cob

biting into a juicy apple; munching on a carrot stick

What foods are you dreaming of?


bhatura cholle

heavenly Indian dish

metal mouth who cares

= = = = = = =
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I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday, to pick up some groceries, and I noticed that I was crunch-craving!

* granola

* some kind of pretzel chips

* rice crackers

* french bread with a crunchy crust

I wonder if I’ve been subconsciously wanting these all along, or that my brain is letting me want these now that it knows in a short while I’ll be able to eat crunchiness once again!

Earlier today I handed off my Magic Bullet to my friend K. who will get her braces next week. 

I don’t need it anymore–at least, I hope I don’t!–and since I’m such a proponent of sustainable living, I am always on the lookout for ways to recycle my things in the best possible way. And how better than to pass on my trusted braces tool to a friend who will benefit immediately.  Makes my sustainability-committed heart sing.

Attention! Attention!

All braces newbies! Go to your local Walgreen’s (if you have one) and invest in a Magic Bullet! They are only $49.99 after you mail in a $10 rebate. And you don’t have to wait to get it shipped from somewhere else.

Before I get too carried away, What is the Magic Bullet? you ask?

It’s the braces wearer’s best friend. Friendly mushy food quick and easy, with lower maintenance cleaning than using a blender. Read my earlier post where I expounded the virtues of this infomercial product.

Oh, I plan to give my Magic Bullet to my friend, who is planning on getting braces soon. So, if you get one, be sure to pass on the joy. (Putting in my plug for living as sustainably as possible.)

I love citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines, grapefruit…

But unfortunately, NOT braces-friendly.  It’s not the eating/enjoying part.  It’s afterward when those little pieces get stuck in every braces bracket nook and cranny.

So, just to share a suggestion.  Make sure you have plenty of time to rinse your mouth and floss after you eat one of these fruits, because little pieces will get everywhere. 

My rubber band compliance rate has been low of late.  I think I’m down from the 75% I estimated in an earlier post.

So what’s getting in the way?

  • Laziness.  In the beginning I was gung-ho, now it’s ho-hum.  So it takes more energy to overcome the loss of novelty.
  • Change in mobility.  I’m hobbling around on crutches with my foot in a brace, trying to protect my ankle as it heals.  It just takes more work to get over to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put on new rubber bands.
  • Taste of food.  I love food, so it’s a bummer to “erase” the taste of a yummy meal with toothbrush flavor.  Maybe just an excuse, but makes some sense.

The first two reasons have probably set me back to about 50-60% compliance.  Better get it back up if I want these braces off sooner than later!

Yesterday, I brought a Trader Joe’s pre-packaged salad to a workshop I attended. I think it was called Tofu Sesame salad, or something like that. As with all the TJ’s salads I’ve tried, it was yummy; the perfect amount of dressing.

Anyway, what I learned, however, was that the salad got all over my braces. Because I’m on crutches now and moving fast or at all is cumbersome, I really need to minimize the braces-care requirements.

Leafy and especially highly fibrous stuff gets entangled in the braces. I’ve found that the same things when cooked, are easier to chew–because you don’t have to–and easier to dislodge. For example, spinach.

I’m not going to stop eating salads, but will probably cut down when I’m eating out and post-meal brushing and flossing is more cumbersome. It is getting cooler, so I think I’ll be going with soups when I’m eating out.

This morning, I realized I hadn’t written about the Magic Bullet blender, a lifesaver for braces newbies! My friend, who has Invisalign braces, told me, “You HAVE to get the Magic Bullet!” (

So I did.

  • It’s been my mushy food helper which was desperately needed when I was suffering most in the beginning, with new wires, new brackets, and the ortho buttons that made it difficult for me to chew.
  • Even though I have a regular size Braun blender (which is fabulous, by the way) I was happy to invest in a smaller blender that allows me to mush up smaller portions–it has two container sizes–and is also easier to clean.
  • Yes, you may have seen the Magic Bullet on an Infomercial. It’s nowhere as sturdy or likely long-lasting as the Braun blender, but I’m happy with it because it’s convenient. You can even take it with you to work or on travel.

I bought mine through Amazon for about $55, which is almost half the infomercial price. It comes with a lot of extra stuff that I don’t need; I’ll pass this on to a fellow braces wearer when I’m done.

I haven’t posted for a while, because I’ve been busy getting settled into a new job, and frankly, my braces barely merited my attention.

That is, until yesterday, my second appointment, when the sliding doors on my Damon braces were yanked open (ow!), the first wire was pulled out, and a new thicker and square (versus round) arch wire was wrestled into place.

I was told that this would be less painful than the initial attachment; that this wire would work on “root torque”.  That didn’t sound any better than whatever torque was happening last time, and it certainly doesn’t feel better.  There’s a fair amount of discomfort on my gums, and it does feel more like it’s deep, so probably at the roots.   Through the discomfort, I’m amazed at how this technology works.

So, back to:

  • using the blender and eating soups
  • minimal smiling–because I’m cranky and when I smile my inner cheeks hit the new brackets on my last molars

The silver lining?  The buttons on my molars were ground down, so my teeth come together more, and when the pain subsides, I’ll be able to chew!!!!