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My boyfriend can tell when my lips are overly dry.

“You look like you’re pretending to have collagen lips,” he says in a way that indicates that he doesn’t find this exactly Angelina Jolie-alluring.

When I first got my braces, I think the discomfort of the braces inclined me to lick my lips and dry them out. I don’t think that’s what’s happening now. I think I have winter-dryness dry-lips. What I’ve been doing to try to deal with this:

  • Drinking as much plain water as possible. I have been forgetting to do this.
  • Drinking less caffeinated drinks. But I love my black tea with milk, I do.
  • Applying my Burt’s Bee lip balm. (Stay away from petroleum-based lip balms!)
  • Eating healthy, even though I want lots of almond croissants.