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The process of getting the braces off was a bit anti-climactic.  But I guess that was good, because it was a pretty simple procedure.  I was afraid it would be painful, but it wasn’t except for a few moments.

  • The doctor did a quick check; looking at the original photos and reviewing the notes through my treatment.
  • Then Sandra the technician squeezed the brackets off.  I guess the pressure breaks the seal, and the bracket pops off.  A couple were tough, but it was just a temporary discomfort; not at all as bad as a couple of times when they yanked open the Damon doors.
  • The next part was a bit tough; scraping off the cement with an instrument.  It was a bit rough on spots.  I had to point out where I could still feel the cement on my teeth.  (I can still feel a bit of the button on the top of my molar; I’ll have to ask them to take that down later.)
  • Then there was this little grinder thing to smooth out more of cement.  The most uncomfortable part was feeling/smelling the powder coming off.
  • The doctor took this instrument to smooth out my incisors, where I had ground them down (before I started my braces treatment), in order to smooth out the rough edge. 

I’m really bummed that I didn’t take a good luck at my braces, or take a photo or ask to keep them.  It was a bit of a scramble because I had to change seats a lot.

  • Then photos taken from the same angles as pre-treatment, and an x-ray.
  • Then the molds for the retainer.  I thought this process would be long and difficult, but it was really fast.  You bite into a tray with a white gummy stuff in it; after a few minutes, it dried.

And that was pretty much it.  They had my name on a sign with other patients being “debanded” today.  (I guess that word is a vestige of braces that were all banded on.)  And the receptionist gave me a bag of candy and microwaveable popcorn.  I traded in the candy for a second popcorn. 

Nothing else.  No hooplah.  Just a “see ya.”  Seems a bit strange, but I get my retainers tomorrow, so I’ll find out what I have have to do with those and what the plan is to make sure my teeth stay nice.

I’ll write more about how it all feels.