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I haven’t posted for a while, because I’ve been busy getting settled into a new job, and frankly, my braces barely merited my attention.

That is, until yesterday, my second appointment, when the sliding doors on my Damon braces were yanked open (ow!), the first wire was pulled out, and a new thicker and square (versus round) arch wire was wrestled into place.

I was told that this would be less painful than the initial attachment; that this wire would work on “root torque”.  That didn’t sound any better than whatever torque was happening last time, and it certainly doesn’t feel better.  There’s a fair amount of discomfort on my gums, and it does feel more like it’s deep, so probably at the roots.   Through the discomfort, I’m amazed at how this technology works.

So, back to:

  • using the blender and eating soups
  • minimal smiling–because I’m cranky and when I smile my inner cheeks hit the new brackets on my last molars

The silver lining?  The buttons on my molars were ground down, so my teeth come together more, and when the pain subsides, I’ll be able to chew!!!!