Before it all began, my two upper middle teeth (central incisors) landed right on top of my bottom central incisors, not in front of them, as in a healthy bite. And you can see the crossbite on the left side of the photo (my right side) where the top teeth are behind or on top of the bottom teeth. It’s not possible to see here, but my top teeth all tilted inward. I always hated this, actually.

(Please accept my apologies for this gum-filled photo! It’s the “official” photo taken by the orthodontist before we got started.)

official photo

In the beginning (week 2 photo below), you can see with the arch wire how some of the top teeth are behind. For the first six months, the heat-activated arch wire helps create a nice arch; that is, the wire exerts pressure on the teeth to move down/forward/back to line up with each other–upper with upper, lower with lower.


See how nicely lined up these guys are, at 6 months, below!

6 months bands

At 5.5 months, the work of correcting my bite started when I got elastics.
Although I don’t understand the physics, the elastics move the top arch and bottom arch relative to each other. In my case, the top arch needed to move in front of the bottom arch. And according to this post, I could feel the change within a month! (Below is photo at Month 7.)


The final touch to help with the bite was the detailing, which angled out the last proper bite resister–the upper right central incisor–a tiny bit.

detail detail

That tiny bit was enough to move out the tooth enough, in just one week, so it no longer hit my bottom tooth!!!!

Now I’m continuing to wear my elastics to keep that bite as healthy and strong as possible. 😉

(I’m going to see if I can find photos to see the bite better.)