Kat said in her comment on a previous post that she’d heard that Damon brackets come off easily, and is concerned because she’ll be away and won’t see her orthodontist for a while.

Well, I did have a bracket come off, and it did cause me some trouble, now that I think about.  how easily we forget.  I wrote about it in my Month 4 post.  I guess I knocked off a bracket on the back molar with my toothbrush.  I then suffered because I was on a business trip and out of the country.

Anyway, I had it replaced when I got back, and didn’t have any other problems with them.  It would have helped if I had known as I do now, that I could have sought out some help from a local ortho to deal with the discomfort.  (Clipping the wire, for example.)

Anyone else with this problem or some info to share with Kat?