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Hard to believe that it’s been 7 months since my braces came off.  Time flies without braces!

I had a check-up today, and got a “bite adjustment”.

I Googled and found that this can mean a range of procedures, including getting braces.  Which makes sense, because the reason I got the braces was for my bite.

But in today’s case, the bite adjustment was a minor but very effective grinding down of teeth.

My doctor had me bite down on a piece of carbon paper so he could see where my teeth were hitting.  Then he ground down points on the backs of a few teeth.  I could smell and taste the grinding, so was a little disturbed about how much he was shaving off.  But he said they were very slight; like a hair’s breadth. And you know what?  My bite feels better; my teeth are hitting more evenly. Will take a while to get used to this, I think.  Will report back in a month.