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Braces Day 1:


For reference, a pre-braces shot. My teeth line up fine; the bite is the problem.


And a mouth full of metal sets a smile straight.

Or something like that. Tomorrow, I get braces. Again.

My teeth have moved in the past couple of years. I don’t think my smile has changed, but my mouth doesn’t feel right. My bite is such that I’ve ground my front teeth down, and I’m am afraid of long-term consequences. So, since I haven’t been wearing my retainer for the 25 years since I had braces as a teen (as if!), it’s back for more metal.

In addition to chronicling my year in braces, this blog will:

  1. Explore the “smile”–my own, others’ reactions to mine, and observations from society and culture.
  2. Share information and learning on natural health options to address the discomforts that will no doubt arise.

My friend gave me a fun present the other day.  Peace of Mind gum from Origins. (Nice to see they have large refill portions; in line with my sustainability-conscious living.)

I just saw the little canister on the shelf and popped two refreshing gumballs into my mouth.  And am chewing with my still-braces-free teeth.

To the little things that can bring a smile!

applebiteSweet.  Crunchy.  Juicy. 

Well, that brought a smile to my face just now.  Yum!

My intention today is to get as many crunchy, chewy, bite-off-in-chunks experiences as possible.  Because tomorrow, the braces go on, and it’ll be soups and babyfood-consistency meals for a while.  Fortunately, I love soups and mushy foods.  I love food.

Please send me your soup and mushy food suggestions/recipes!