My people tell me that I’m sounding/looking more normal. And yet my smile feels fake to me, as I cautiously pull back my lips, anticipating the grating pull over the rough brackets…

So what’s the difference between an authentic smile and a fake one? Can you tell?

Here’s a fun online test to see if you can distinguish between fake smiles and real smiles. Based on work by Professor Paul Ekman, a psychologist at the University of California.

STOP HERE if you don’t want to read my guess at what gives away the authenticity of a smile. Go take the test, first.

=== \\\\\\ === ////// === \\\\\\ === ////// === \\\\\\ === //////

=== \\\\\\ === ////// === \\\\\\ === ////// === \\\\\\ === //////

My guess: the eyes give it away. So it’s not about the teeth at all!.