Recently I went on a 5-day mini-vacation; I traveled out of town by plane and got out of my routine (such as it is.)

What did this mean for my braces?

  • Braces travel pack: I had to augment my travel pack, which I usually carry with me*, with a little bottle of fluoride rinse. The bottle at 2.06 fl. oz. is a tiny bit bigger than regulation size, but I’ve never had a problem getting it past security.


  • Kept forgetting to put on my rubber bands. That’s the thing about getting out of a routine, which includes — usually when I travel — eating out a lot more than I usually do. But hey, it’s a little vacation, and at least I hadn’t forgotten the rubber bands. Now that is key, because you can buy everything else at pharmacies; I don’t think you can get Chipmunk elastics that easily. 😉

* My regular braces travel pack includes: