No, I have not been wearing my retainer, for the last 25 years. So here I am again, this time at 41, outfitted with metal to fix my bite.

I hope that the advancement in technology and the wisdom that comes with maturity (I can wish, can’t I?) will make this an interesting and, dare I say, a fun experience.

In addition to chronicling my year in braces, this blog will:

  1. Explore the “smile”–my own, others’ reactions to mine, and observations from society and culture.
  2. Share information and learning on natural health options to address the discomforts that will no doubt arise. (See the Healthy Options page for dental/orthodontic products that are healthy (or healthier) and (more) sustainable.)
  3. And will continue after the braces are off with info on retainers and whatever other post-braces life brings.

Some details on my treatment:

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