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Cassandra wrote a comment that included her experience using a new waterpick.  She says it’s not a substitute for flossing (yes, she knows this), but she likes it and it feels great.

Speaking of gadgets, I’ve loved the Sonicare I got for free from a product review company (for women to review products: 

I had never considered buying an electric toothbrush; I’m very low maintenance and tend not to buy gadgets.  However, now that I’m using it, I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I like it.  Even though it took some getting used to because it vibrates, and it’s set to go for 2 minutes, so sometimes I drool a bit.  But my teeth feel really clean.  Like after-the-dentist’s-cleaning clean.  And you can use it with braces.  However, I can’t wait to use it after I get the braces off, because it’s supposed to help whiten teeth.

The model I have is the Sonicare Essence 5300.  I have a coupon for a $10 rebate on a future Sonicare toothbrush purchase, or if you already have one, a free brush head replacement (when you buy a multipack).  Email me if you’d like me to send that to you.