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Hard to believe that it’s been 7 months since my braces came off.  Time flies without braces!

I had a check-up today, and got a “bite adjustment”.

I Googled and found that this can mean a range of procedures, including getting braces.  Which makes sense, because the reason I got the braces was for my bite.

But in today’s case, the bite adjustment was a minor but very effective grinding down of teeth.

My doctor had me bite down on a piece of carbon paper so he could see where my teeth were hitting.  Then he ground down points on the backs of a few teeth.  I could smell and taste the grinding, so was a little disturbed about how much he was shaving off.  But he said they were very slight; like a hair’s breadth. And you know what?  My bite feels better; my teeth are hitting more evenly. Will take a while to get used to this, I think.  Will report back in a month.


It’s a mystery to me how these annoying bands are moving my teeth.   I feel the pressure, but it doesn’t make sense to me how this is helping my bite.  (Physics was my weakest science in school, that’s for sure.)

No matter, I can tell it’s working!

Just a month after getting the elastics, my bite feels different.  My top teeth are moving out beyond the bottom!  Next week, will take month 7 photos, to see if we can actually see the difference.

Here’s Jessica Hagy’s perspective on this question, in one of her delightfully devilish Venn Diagrams.  She describes how wearing braces is akin to trying to make partner at a law firm…

What do you think?

Yesterday was the end of month 5.

I’ll post a separate note on relief from brackets/wires cutting into the inside cheek. Oy. The short story: go to your ortho and get the wire clipped, and use wax.

I can’t wait to get these off and bite into a crunchy pizza crust and chomp on some walnuts and almonds.

OK. Enough of whining. After all, I did elect to do this myself.

This is what I learned about what’s going on with my Damon wires.
The wires they have in now are helping my teeth get a good arch–in other words, helping my teeth line up nicely on the top and the bottom. Since my teeth were already pretty straight, this is a matter of lining up the couple of teeth that had turned in (and were responsible for my bite changing and requiring braces again) and rotating one of the molars that’s at an angle.

The next set of wires–which I hope to get in a month or two–will be the last set, and will help move my top and bottom teach relative to each other to help with my bite (which right now are right on top of each other, rather than the top teeth in front of the bottom.)

Apparently, with the last set of wires, I’ll need to wear rubber bands; I wonder what that means? Probably a lot of discomfort. Or maybe I’ll get cute colored ones.

At any rate, almost half way through! Yippee!

Braces Day 1:

For reference, a pre-braces shot. My teeth line up fine; the bite is the problem.


applebiteSweet.  Crunchy.  Juicy. 

Well, that brought a smile to my face just now.  Yum!

My intention today is to get as many crunchy, chewy, bite-off-in-chunks experiences as possible.  Because tomorrow, the braces go on, and it’ll be soups and babyfood-consistency meals for a while.  Fortunately, I love soups and mushy foods.  I love food.

Please send me your soup and mushy food suggestions/recipes!