I tried the Crest Whitestrips a second, on the top teeth, about 2 weeks ago.  That time I got the same pings as the first time (read the first time report), but didn’t feel the strong tightness in shoulders/neck or nausea of the first time.

However, since then I have been sick with a tenacious cold.  So even though the cold is most likely unrelated to the Whitestrips, I have a bad feeling about them.

I stay as healthy as possible by maximizing the health-promoting things I put in my body–organic food, mostly veggies–and minimizing the not good things.  And with my dental care, I’ve been as non/low-toxic as possible.  Unfortunately, these Whitestrips deviate from that.  They don’t feel compatible with my commitment to sustainable health.

So I’m shelving the Whitestrips.  Vanity loses at this point.