It’s one month since I got my braces off and started to wear my retainers.  As you can imagine, this first month has been a LOT easier than the one with braces.

HOWEVER, I realize now that this phase of the first few months after getting braces off is probably the most crucial for long-term success in this braces process.  After all, if I don’t wear my retainers, I could potentially lose the benefits of those braces.  And let me tell you, it’s pretty easy to forget to keep the retainers on.  With the braces, I had no choice. They were stuck on.  With the retainers, it’s all up to me!

In sum, first month post braces:

  • Eating is such a pleasure!
  • Chewing: Sometimes I don’t chew enough.  After 1 year of not being able to masticate at all–since my teeth didn’t actually meet each other–I had gotten used to mushing and swallowing.  So I’m having to pay attention to chewing!
  • Flossing: The triumph of braces is in creating habits that are extremely cumbersome, that post-braces become such a pleasure that I look forward to it.  Like flossing.  So easy.  So important.
  • Laziness: It’s just as simple as that.  The retainers are just so easy to forget to use.  But I have to get over that!
  • Retainers are kind of gross: I rinse them most of the time when I take them out–unless I’m not by a sink when I take them out.  And try to get the gunk off with brush or hands or cotton swab.  I think I’ll invest in one of those sonic cleaners