I went in to pick up the bottom retainer, a hawley retainer with a wire, today.  But again, it didn’t fit.  They supposedly made a new one since the first one kept popping out last week.  And this one didn’t quite fit.  So they took another mold.

PROs with the clear retainer so far:

  • Really amazing in terms of looking like I’m not wearing a retainer at all. 
  • Fits snugly, versus the hawley retainer, so far.
  • Speech isn’t affected at all.

CONs with the clear retainer so far:

  • Very awkward to take out.  I assume it will become easier as I get used to it, but still more awkward than the wired retainer.
  • Cleaning it is a delicate affair. Can’t use toothpaste, as you can with hawley, because it scratches the plastic.  Also, the toothbrush bristles can also scratch the plastic. But you have to constantly clean the retainer, since it’s constantly getting plaque on it.  Oy! 
  • My teeth feel hemmed in.