I asked my dentist about teeth whitening.  Here’s what I learned:

  • She offers Rembrandt Sapphire whitening.
  • It’s a 90-minute or so process; 1 hour of actual whitening action.
  • She says it’s the best process; low level of discomfort during and after.  They cover the gums to protect from the gel.
  • You get some gel or something afterward to touch up; and “if you follow my directions” the teeth should remain nice and white.  She was a bit mysterious about what that gel is, but it’s from Rembrandt, so I’m assuming you can by over the counter.
  • Cost: $500  (reference point: the machine cost her $5000, so after 10 patients, it’s all profit!)
  • For over-the-counter self-whitening, she said Crest Whitestrips work the best.

Online I found:

Conclusion for myself:

  • My teeth were about a 4 or 5 on the 10-tooth color scale; so not super white nor super stained.
  • I can live with this; not ready to put down $500 for the service.
  • However, I’m curious about the Crest Whitestrips, so will try out.  A couple of my teeth in particular are darker than the others.  Will report back on this, of course.
  • Also, I’m using my Sonicare and that claims to help with stains, too.  At least it will help offset my tea-drinking habit, I hope.

Any of you out there had experience with teeth whitening? Or planning on doing post-braces?