Well folks, it’s not over yet.

I had 24+ hours of totally free teeth.  No braces.  No retainer.  My teeth were hanging out, doing what they want, just BEING.

I guess that’s not a good thing, since what they’ll do is drift back to where they came from.  So the next phase is to let the bones settle in and harden to where they I (and the doctor) want them to be.  Enter, the retainer.

I only got the top one; the bottom one needs to be redone.

The top one is a clear retainer, which I guess is called Essix.  (I looked it up on Wiki.)  I’ll put up photos later.  It looks like an Invisalign.  Fits in and is really almost invisible.  Pretty cool.  I thought it would feel creepy, but it doesn’t.  I do feel like I have doll teeth though; one piece of plastic.

The tough part is getting it off!  It’s on very tight, and it took me about 5 minutes to get it off the first time.  I could put a positive spin on this:

  • I won’t be tempted to snack as much because it will be a pain to take off the clear retainer.
  • I’m less likely to drink lots of black tea because every time I want to drink something hot I have to take off the retainer.

But let’s face it, this will be a pain, too, in it’s own way.  Alas, it’s worth it.  I like how my teeth look, and GREAT to have a real bite.