A reader posted a comment about a seeming bait-and-switch in terms of who actually works on her braces:

“The orthodontist was very charming and attentive during the initial consultation (before I made a commitment), but when I showed up to get my braces, an assistant etched my teeth, glued on the brackets, and placed the wires. Then the orthodontist came briefly and took a look, then went away, and the technician put in the things that tighten the wires. This worries me – I signed on with the orthodontist, not the technician.”

This was exactly my experience, as well. I was surprised and a little perturbed when I went in for my first session to get the braces on, mostly because I wasn’t told about this. I should have asked. In fact, I should add that to my list on choosing an orthodontist. But anyway, my guess is that this is pretty common; that there’s the main dentist (or a few) and a bunch of technicians/assistants who do most of the groundwork.

However, despite that initial experience, overall, I’ve been very happy with my treatment. The “technicians”–I’m actually not sure what their official title or position name is–in my office seem to have a lot of experience, and are skilled. And while they can do things like clip a wire without the doctor there, all big changes require the doctor. And each detailing I got was done by a doctor.

Any of you out there who have had similar or difference experiences?