Since I notice people’s teeth more than I used to, I’m also looking at lips.

And with the media, pop culture obsession with full lips, it’s hard to avoid, too.  I’ll admit that I think Angelina Jolie’s mouth is gorgeous.  But it’s natural.  And the women who inject to get that look appear bizarre.

I’m an all-natural woman, so no lip-enhancing measures in my future, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some interest in having beautiful lips.

The most important lip-care that I use for myself is to stay sufficiently hydrated.  When I haven’t had enough water, my lips dry out.  And when I need to use a lip balm for temporary relief, I use Burt’s Bees, because it’s natural–uses beeswax, and feels good. 

(I used to use lip balms with petroleum-derivative ingredients–petrolatum: Chap Stick, Carmex.  There are lots of stories about how those are addictive; I can’t say if that was my case, but I did use them a LOT.)

Also, smiling helps.  I think even the most pouty lips are diminished when they’re not smiling.