Guess what?

I only have 1 more month to go! And I started this journey 11 months ago. The original estimate was 12 months, and amazingly, looks like we’ll be on schedule. I’m thrilled about this, as you might imagine, and am getting prepared.

Here’s my last status report:

  • How do they feel? Since that back molar bracket was popped off, the braces have been a breeze. No discomfort or irritation at all inside my mouth. Hallelujah; better late than never.
  • Elastics: I’ve continued to wear the Chipmunks, mostly at night. My last month of helping out with my bite. I’ll work on maximizing elastics this last month, because after the braces come off, it’s all a slide back to the old way.
  • Flossing: The power chain elastics have made it difficult to floss some teeth, especially across the top where the band is under the arch wire. I had been getting a bit lazy about the flossing; as with elastics, want to focus on this more diligently. Have to use the threader a lot.
  • Flouride rinse: I don’t recall writing about this for a while. I’ve been pretty good about rinsing after flossing, at night, before going to sleep. Still happy with the Tom’s of Maine brand.
  • Eating: Nothing has changed. Still staying away from nuts, super-chewing, and too crispy. All things I’m eagerly anticipating post-braces.
  • Smile: I’m flashing my braces smile to some friends, letting them know that next time they see me, I might be braces-free. I’ve met some new friends who only know me with braces; I wonder if I will feel shy about my non-braces smile?

Month 11 photo. Not much has changed.

month 11