The Home Stretch!!!!

I got a power chain across the top teeth — under the wire — and that’s helped to close the gaps. Check out the photos below. We’ll see if I’m on schedule for finishing at the end of February, when I have my next appointment in a few weeks.

Here’s the status:

  • Overall comfort. The best it’s been. Why? Because the bracket that was on the top right back molar constantly irritated my mouth. I think it was the angle of the bracket and my mouth; it’s where the motorcycle helmet really dug in. But even without the bicycle helmet, that part of my mouth never “healed”. So you can imagine my delight when that bracket was popped off last month. Hallelujah.
  • Elastics. Still wearing them at night, and during the day when I remember. Sometimes I feel like they are working more than others. I wonder why.
  • Flossing. I think I’m getting a bit lax in this. With the power chains, it’s a bit more effort; have been using the floss threader more. I cannot wait to get the braces off so I can floss easily.
  • Easting. No problem. Though still avoiding crunchy stuff, of course. And super sticky stuff.
  • Vanity. REALLY looking forward to getting the braces off. And wondering about maybe getting my teeth whitened. Ahhh. The slippery slope of appearance vanity.


Below, you can see how the gap between the first and second teeth has closed. (Compare with last month’s photos here.)