On the topic of ways to deal with the pain of braces, here’s a post I wrote in my wellness blog about using mental imagery and visualization to deal with pain.

The idea is to take attention away from the pain by putting attention on an image that is soothing or comforting in some way.

  • For braces related pain, images that take you away from the area of your jaw and head could be helpful.  Perhaps imagining your bare feet walking in the cool mossy floor of a quiet deep forest.  Imagine how the coolness feels on the soles of your feet, and your toes.  The smell of trees and plants.  The feel of the soft breeze.
  • Or maybe the coolness of water.  Blue.  Cool and soothing.

Imagery and visualization can be deeply personal.  Experiment.  See if there’s a kind of image or visual journey that  works for you.