I wrote about this recently, but I want to reiterate it.

If you have a question or concern about your braces, or are overly uncomfortable, or notice something going on with your teeth/jaw/mouth/tongue that seems weird, CALL YOUR ORTHODONTIST.

Don’t be shy. You are paying your doctor a LOT OF MONEY. It’s his or her job to answer your questions and make you comfortable.

And don’t be put off if your doctor or the assistants or the admin people aren’t super-welcoming. (By the way, I’m not saying this based on my own experience; I just imagine it could happen to others.) As long as you have a legitimate reason to call to ask a question or go for an appointment, GO!


I’m reminded of this because a reader wrote to ask me whether I have problems with biting through my elastics at night. I don’t since my elastics are short. She said she’d ask her orthodontist; I hope she got good support from her doc.

Also I know now that many months ago if I had called my ortho when my mouth was being gouged out by a loose wire, I could have stopped the carnage and not suffered so much during a business trip. All I had to do was ASK.

That reminds me, this includes when you are traveling. If you have problems with your braces while on the road, your doctor can find you an orthodontist where you are traveling. So don’t hesitate to call, even if you’re visiting Grandma across the country.