The detailing by my doc at my last appointment has worked!  I actually have a real bite now.  Instead of my top teeth hitting the bottom ones.

So now, I’m admiring my teeth not from the “health” perspective that was my initial motivation for getting braces, but from imagining how nice my teeth are going to look in a few months.  It’s difficult to imagine through the dorkiness of all the metal and rubber bands, but this exercise let’s me see myself for what I am.


In this society where a healthy smile is part of the national character, there’s a great deal of vanity about teeth.  I didn’t know I’d get caught up in that.  But I am.  I do notice people’s teeth a lot more than pre-braces days.  Mostly, I notice the positive — “Wow, what a great bite she has.”  “Wow, look at that perfect bite.”  I don’t recall noticing much pre-braces.

I guess if I had invested this much time and pain on exercising my arms, for example, I would be just as vain about my sculpted arms.  Right?  😉