Wow, 2/3 done with this treatment. I hope. I’ll find out tomorrow when I go for my appointment. In the meantime, not much to report that’s new. So, a recap on the state of the braces:

  • Food situation is stable. Still looking forward to the day I can bite into a crunchy slice of pizza and eat a chewy dried date.
  • Rubber bands seem to be doing the job; bite feels “better”. My top arch is in front of the bottom arch.

In this photo from today, hard to see any difference from last month.

braces month 8

However, look at the progress on a back molar, which was at a 30 degree or so angle before the bracket was put on. Photos are from left to right: pre bracket; at Month 6; at Month 8 (today).

backMolar backMolarM6 backMolarM8

Not sure why, but the tooth is hanging out by itself in the back; quite a bit of space opened up between it and the next tooth (one with the ortho button.) We’ll see if that gets closed up.