I just rescheduled the appointment I missed two weeks ago because of my injury.  They are going to check my buttons and my progress since I started wearing my rubber bands.

I want to make a note here about the importance of taking responsibility for your own treatment.  One obvious component is in doing the things the ortho tells you to do, including:

  • wearing rubber bands or other contraptions as prescribed by your doctor
  • brushing/flossing well
  • keeping appointments

But another point that may not be obvious but that I think is really important is speaking up when you think something is not quite right.  For example, I had to go in to ask for ortho buttons to be reapplied, because my center teeth were hitting, and I was grinding them.  This wasn’t obvious to my doctor and his assistants, but it was obvious to me.  So I was the one who called and asked them about it, and they put the ortho buttons back on.

So I encourage all braces wearers, especially newbies, to speak up and ask questions.  Hey, you may be considered a nuisance (I probably am), but you’re paying a lot of money and are going through discomfort and putting in effort.  Nobody else knows what’s going on in your mouth better than you do.