My rubber band compliance rate has been low of late.  I think I’m down from the 75% I estimated in an earlier post.

So what’s getting in the way?

  • Laziness.  In the beginning I was gung-ho, now it’s ho-hum.  So it takes more energy to overcome the loss of novelty.
  • Change in mobility.  I’m hobbling around on crutches with my foot in a brace, trying to protect my ankle as it heals.  It just takes more work to get over to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put on new rubber bands.
  • Taste of food.  I love food, so it’s a bummer to “erase” the taste of a yummy meal with toothbrush flavor.  Maybe just an excuse, but makes some sense.

The first two reasons have probably set me back to about 50-60% compliance.  Better get it back up if I want these braces off sooner than later!