Yesterday, I brought a Trader Joe’s pre-packaged salad to a workshop I attended. I think it was called Tofu Sesame salad, or something like that. As with all the TJ’s salads I’ve tried, it was yummy; the perfect amount of dressing.

Anyway, what I learned, however, was that the salad got all over my braces. Because I’m on crutches now and moving fast or at all is cumbersome, I really need to minimize the braces-care requirements.

Leafy and especially highly fibrous stuff gets entangled in the braces. I’ve found that the same things when cooked, are easier to chew–because you don’t have to–and easier to dislodge. For example, spinach.

I’m not going to stop eating salads, but will probably cut down when I’m eating out and post-meal brushing and flossing is more cumbersome. It is getting cooler, so I think I’ll be going with soups when I’m eating out.