OK. This might just be wishful thinking. But I think the change in my bite is affecting my ability to speak Spanish better. And there is nothing that I’d love more than to be able to speak Spanish better. (I am convinced I was Spanish in a former life, even though I don’t think I believe in that former life stuff.)

It’s difficult for me to do the rolling “rr” in Spanish. Heck, I grew up speaking Japanese so my R’s and L’s were compromised from the start. But I had this memory of being able to trill my tongue when I was much younger, before braces the first time around (when I was 13 or so.)

Now that there is more space in my upper mouth, the “rr” seems to come more naturally. Of course better with the rubber bands off.

¡Qué borracho! Está cerrada la tienda. “Cucurrucucu Paloma”

I could be making this all up. Anyone have significant speech changes to share?