Motorcycle helmets SQUEEZE your head.  I was reminded of this last night on a trip downtown and back.

It was bad enough pre-braces, because the pressure is intense, especially with a new helmet.  I don’t wear the helmet that much because only on occasion do I get on the back of the scooter with my boyfriend.

And even during the initial period of my braces it wasn’t a problem, because I didn’t have any brackets on the back (way back) molars.

But now, I have brackets on three of the back molars — bottom two and upper right — the helmet is bad news on the top molar.

My guess is this differs for everyone depending on their helmet and jaw structure, but for me, it’s very painful.  I forgot to put on wax beforehand.  So I made do by puffing out my cheek–which is difficult to do for an extended period–, sticking my tongue over the bracket for a while, and just breathing and being grateful that the ride wasn’t long.