This is one of several reviews of healthy option products for this braces adventure. Read others on the Healthy Options.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Antiplaque Flat Floss

Background: I’ve been using Desert Essence Dental Tape (which I reviewed here) and was happy with it. However, when I finished it, I decided to try a more readily-available option since I didn’t want to have to wait until I got to Rainbow Grocery or Elephant Pharmacy.

Healthy Option goal: To find a reasonably-priced option that is as healthy and sustainable as the Dessert Essence product, and works as well. The two important health/sustainability elements are:

  1. The filament. Looks like the options are primarily plastic (PTFE or teflon, or polyethethelene), nylon (Tom’s of Maine’s floss) and natural fibers. The only natural fiber I’ve been able to find in my brief research is silk, from Radius.
  2. The wax coating. Some brands have natural waxes like jojoba, beeswax or carnuba. (Crest Glide uses natural bee’s wax.)

Review: Tom’s of Maine Natural Antiplaque Flat Floss (Spearmint)

I wrote to Tom’s to learn about the nylon material. I was told that it’s stronger than teflon (which is used in other products), but didn’t get an answer about it’s healthfulness.

That same customer service person said that it’s a better floss because it doesn’t fray. I disagree. Since I’ve been threading it under my braces, it’s easier to notice the fraying at the end of the floss, and it also frays when the floss gets caught on a bracket.

I do not recommend this as a floss for braces wearers, since there are better options out there. (Try Desert Essence Dental Tape.)

But, I can’t stand to waste anything, and this Tom’s floss IS usable, so I’ll finish up the box. AND, it’s available at Walgreen’s, so it’s easy to find in a pinch.

  • Flat floss
  • Natural waxes
  • Nylon filaments
  • 32 Yds
  • Cost: About $3.00 (Walgreen’s)