A regular reader (you know who you are!) recently brought up a good point:

“Why are you talking so much about eating mushy foods? Is your pain tolerance that low?”

Great questions. I guess I forgot to mention that my teeth don’t meet except on two half-molar sized points. This means I can’t bite and can barely gnaw; no pizza, no crunchy veggies, no biting into a cookie… you get the picture. This is why I’m longing for crunchy food.

Why this indignity? When I got the braces on, one of my top teeth hit a bracket on a bottom tooth. This is not a good thing; either my top tooth would get chipped, or I’d bite off the bottom bracket. So to keep them apart, I got two little globs of plastic stuff on bottom molars, to separate my teeth.

Take a look.

It’s a small blob in height: button

And in width. buttontop Since I only have one on each side, ALL my chewing is one on the surface of one molar!

So, now you know. This explains my mushy food preference.
(Fortunately, this is not the plight of most braces wearers!)