This is my first installment of reviews of healthy option products for this braces adventure. I’m listing these on the Healthy Options page as well.

Background: I’ve been using Crest Glide or some similar “tape”-style floss, because it’s easier to use and doesn’t shred between my tightly-aligned teeth.

Healthy Option goal: To find a reasonably-priced option that is more healthy and sustainable, and works as well as what I’ve been using so far. The two important health/sustainability elements are:

  1. The filament. Looks like the options are primarily plastic (PTFE or teflon, or polyethethelene), nylon (Tom’s of Maine’s floss) and natural fibers. The only natural fiber I’ve been able to find in my brief research is silk, from Radius. I’m still looking for info on relative health safety. The toxicity of teflon on cooking pans has been tested, but hopefully your mouth won’t get that hot for that long.
  2. The wax coating. Some brands have natural waxes like jojoba, beeswax or carnuba. (Crest Glide uses natural bee’s wax.)

My pick (for now): Desert Essence Dental Tape

It’s not as smooth and silky as the Crest Glide, but it definitely works for my tight (and sore) teeth. It’s an acceptable alternative.

According to the packaging (which looks like a regular plastic floss package):

  • The floss/tape is waxed and saturated with Tea Tree Oil, which is inherently antiseptic
  • No animal ingredients or testing
  • No alcohol, artificial color or synthetic perfumes
  • 30 Yds, Waxed
  • Cost: $3.40 (Rainbow Grocery in SF); also available online

I’m researching the filament and wax on this product.